Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kayla's personal Fav!

I do admire Grandmother for her many talents. I LOVE...Love this painting!!

Bradley and Leslie's Baby quilts

They are precious!

Leslie's quilts

Leslie has confiscated all blankets and quilts!!

Grandmother even made a mini quilt and pillow for her dolls! How cute!

Bromell Crochet

There are so many beautiful things Grandmother has made me over the years and this is just one of them. Thank you for your thoughtfulness through the years.

Ty and Kim

September Quilt

For my birthday this year, I got what I call the "September Quilt". The quilt is blue for the month of September and has roses on it. The quilt is displayed on a quilt rack for all to see!

Watercolor Roses

We all wish Mother would go through another watercolor phase! Her time of painting was too short since all of us LOVE our watercolors. These are my roses! Maybe someday there will be more.

Santa Quilt and Table Runner

The Santa Quilt wall hanging is usually the first Christmas decoration that I put up. I always get compliments on it. The red runner goes on the table first then what ever decorations are put next. I use the runner at Valentines and 4th of July, too!

Advent Calendar

The family knows that Christmas is my favorite time of the year. The advent calendar is a special piece of our Christmas holiday. Mother surprised me with this for a birthday!

Our Fav snuggle quilt :)

This is the blanket we all fight over when snuggling up on the couch watching t.v.
Jackson received this from grandmother 12 years ago! It is much loved!!

My dining room

I am so proud of our dining room. Bryan and I scraped the popcorn off the ceiling, tore the wall paper off and painted the walls, changed the light fixture and put in hard wood floors! Now I can add the items that make the basic walls/floors/ceiling feel like home with the treasures that grandmother makes!!! I love how patient grandmother is... she actually tried to teach her left hand granddaughter how to crocket. Obvisously it is a wonderful skill of hers that this lefty could not master!! Fortunately I have items to cherish!!


These were the neatest! Open they're a blanket, but they fold up into a pillow. Ric has had this one since he was probably 5 or so. You can tell it's received LOTS of use!

From Ric (and P.D.) - Blankets and Matching Pillow

Bears Blanket, Camouflage Blanket, and Furry Blanket with matching Pillow
Thank you for all the memories over the years. I have always loved my blankets (especially the Bears of course), and P.D. has loved them almost as much. I love you and hope that you have a great Christmas.
-Love Ric and P.D.


Grandmother - I love the seasonal things you make for me!!! When I put my tree up and put the snowflakes on my tree, it always make me feel happy, warm and loved!! When I decorate my dining room table, I love the runners or dollies I have to start the decorating off with!!! Now that Sarah Catherine helps with decorating, it is fun to see the things she likes to do and is always careful to include the items that bring memories and warmth to us!! Thanks for always being a caring, loving grandmother!!!

Sarah Catherine

This is my favorite blanket-even though I did not know granddad. I love it when I have it out and mom tells me about the big fish fries you guys had, or the time granddad took her fishing and she fell in the lake trying to hold onto the boat for granddad! But most of all I love the soft blue fabric the best! When I used to love on my thumb with my right hand, my left hand loved on the soft squares on the blanket!!!!

From Jonah

I love my colorful blanket. The year I got this blanket I took it with me on my first ski trip and felt safe at night knowing that I was wrapped up in my special blanket!!! I also love my fuzzy pillow!

From Bryan

I love on cold evenings wrapping up in my throw, drinking hot cocoa and enjoying the small moments with my family!!! Being wrapped up in a blanket made for me with love makes the moment even more special!! Thanks for always making me feel part of your family.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Isn't this the most beautiful runner? I had stuff on it, but had to take it off so you could see the beauty of it!

Special Crochet

How beautiful these are; how talented Grandmother is! We are so thankful for your artistic nature and many gifts.

Painting of Playas del Coco

Grandmother and Mom came to visit us when we lived in Costa Rica (which is a testimony to her sense of adventure). As always, Grandmother took many pictures. Imagine my surprise when I unwrapped this treasure! She had taken a picture when we were strolling the beach at Playas del Coco. Couldn't imagine a better gift. It brings back many fond memories of the quaint fishing village we lived in for five years. (Painted in 2001)

quilted wall hanging

This has hung above our bed for many years now. I love the colors and beauty of it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Here's the landscape quilt that Mother made after our Vancouver trip. She saw one in a shop window there and came back inspired. Also she came back with LOTS of flower prints--we had fun shopping for flowered fabrics to make these quilts. It is, of course, one of my favorites. I remember the fun Mother, Carol, and I had on that trip every time I look at it. Remember those wonderful pastries on Granville Island? Kiwi and Strawberry...yum....

And now for the quilts--I love all of them!! Each has its own personality and reflects some of what Mother was thinking about when she made it--and a lot of what Mother thought I was thinking about when she made it! I love the way she puts colors together and the way she keeps experimenting with patterns--not to mention the fact that if a particular pattern isn't fun to make, then she just leaves it and goes to one that is. Colors, textures, pattern--these things say a lot about life, don't they?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daddy's shirts

This quilt (and the ones Mother made for Don and Rosy) helped us get through the first Christmas without Daddy. Of all my "Grandmother's Treasures" I treasure this one the most. I still remember the feeling I felt when I opened it--the way we cried over our loss--and the way we laughed when we shared some of our memories of the best times.

Aren't we all glad that Daddy liked blue so much that our quilts have great color and pattern?

Christmas Treasures

Everyone in the family knows that Mother and I share a special love for Christmas--matter of fact, she loved Christmas so much that, according to Mama Dennard, I was nearly born at home on Christmas Day. Mother refused to think that she would miss out on Christmas at home with Daddy and Rosy, along with other family members, to give birth to me. Over the years, Mother has made me a number of special Christmas or birthday gifts that have a Christmas theme--three of my favorites are shown here.

Crochet Shawl

Every time I've worn this shawl people have complimented it. And I'm proud to say that, "My Mother made it for me." I'll wear it many more times and say the same thing over and over.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crochet Wonders

Mother is a master of crochet. It would be hard to pick out my favorite piece, but the bowl has to be one of the best gifts ever. I've filled it with Christmas ornaments and with fake fruit. I've left it empty. No matter what, it looks great. And the doilies have been on tables in lots of different rooms in lots of different houses--always bringing a touch of home.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow flakes

Grandmother made these Christmas ornaments for us a couple of years ago. I always think of her when it's time for us to decorate our tree. I love having handmade ornaments on our tree. It makes our tree so much more special.

The Craziest of Crazy Quilts

Mother says that she used every stitch on her sewing machine making this crazy quilt. I absolutely love the lush fabrics, details of embellishment, and Victorian look. And I like to think of Mother at her machine playing with the stitches and fabrics. No surprise it is one of my favorites.

Maine Lighthouses

Mother, John, and I went to Maine and saw as many lighthouses as we could in one week. It was a beautiful, warm, July week; we had a great time together. Later Mother painted two of the lighthouses for us. Every time I look at these paintings I remember the trip and how much fun we had eating lobster and crab, going whale watching, and taking pictures of all those lighthouses.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snowflakes and Other Gifts

For as long as I can remember Grandmother was always making us things. She made our "jams" when they were fashionable. (I don't really know why they were fashionable.) For several years I got boxer shorts.

As a kid I wondered why my grandmother was making my presents. Like any kid I probably would have preferred the newest toy from the store, but now that I'm older, I realize how lucky I am that my grandmother loved me so much to devoted countless hours, days, and weeks to make something that was so close to her heart.

I still have my American Flag fold-up quilt, as well as other quilts, afghans, and, of course, the "Granddaddy Quilt." I have the fish watercolor, doilies, and these wonderful snowflake ornaments that currently decorate my Christmas tree.

Post by Ryan

Monday, November 30, 2009

Table Runner

I don't remember which Christmas grandmother made this but I know it's been within the past 2 or 3 years. I love this table runner! It makes our house feel more like a home and I love bragging to company that my grandmother made it.